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20 Inch Handcrafted Inkle Loom

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Introducing our NEW beautifully handcrafted 20” Inkle Loom - inkle weaving loom, belt loom, tablet weaving or card weaving loom! Great for travel, tabletop and every day use. The heavy duty construction with pegs that are not only glued but also screwed into the loom's body allow it to handle high tension warps. Featuring a double tension system with both back flap and lower adjustment bar giving the weaver a much larger range of motion and control of tension. Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop entirely of solid Red Oak Hardwood. Carefully hand sanded and finished with a combination of oil and wax for a natural smooth satin finish.

Designed to be portable, this loom measures 20in. long x 9.5in. tall. The convenient cutout design creates a nifty handle for the weaver on the go. This loom features pegs which measure 4in. long and a 4in. x 2.75in. wide tension flap. It has a maximum warp length of approximately 8ft. and maximum width of approximately 3.5".

Weave strong bands and straps with intricate patterns, embellished with many different yarns, beads and colors. Make straps, chokers, dog leashes, tassels and trims. Great for the miniature enthusiast, make an endless array of doll and dollhouse accessories.

Our looms come fully assembled, ready to use straight out of the box with instructions and warping diagram.

Please allow 3-5 days for us to make this item.

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